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So this is the very first entry to a new beginning. Welcome to my site, let me introduce myself. I am a guy from a city that has two seasons, kinda hot and why did people want to settle here in the first place because it’s so damn cold. This whole QA thing started back in 2007. Before then my mind was set on using my Journalism degree to something, well something with magazines or a newspaper. But thanks to not being able to find a job here, I landed up in Los Angeles.

Not knowing what the hell I was doing there, I ended up working at 2K games as a video game tester. Not really my dream job, but something that yelled hey why not try it. Thinking it would consist of me testing awesome games that had exciting written all over it, I ended up testing Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer. This game to this day still puts  me to sleep, not because it sucks..OK well it doesn’t suck that much, I did test it! =) That one bug on level 3, yeah not my fault ok? But that’s the whole point, the game is still buggy and plain old boring. The Thing looks like a giant clump of walking poop too.

From there I came back here and ended up doing QA for the web, and thus long story short here I am. Now I not only QA the web or video games but the world. Which means I am going to ask why things are the way they are, why do we call it hamburger when there is no ham? Etc.

Every Friday I blog will be Flashback Friday. This is where I get more detailed on a story that is true and actually happened. My friends say I should write a book, well this is the first step. People say I’m like Kramer with the stories, so might as well share em right?


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  1. because it came from hamburg, germany.

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