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One thing I’ll never understand about social interaction is the stupid part of it. For example, has it ever happened when you walk into an empty movie theater and you pick a great seat, and then some person plants their ass right in front of you? It’s like hey buddy there’s so much room in the other 300 seats, why do you have to come and sit by me. It’s not like they are going to strike up a conversation during the movie.

The same concept goes for parking spaces. Today I went to have breakfast at IHop and the parking lot resembled one at a Circuit City. So naturally I park far away still in a nice spot with no other cars near mine. One hour later, I come out and this land rover is parked next to me. The person parked so close they had to tuck in their side mirrors. In addition, the parking lot was still pretty empty. They could have parked anywhere, but they chose to park next to me. Why? I’ll never know, maybe they thought parking next to my car meant their dirty gas guzzler of a vehicle wouldn’t get stolen first.

I think this is a bug in American culture, someone needs to fix it.


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