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Monthly Archives: February 2010

So a whale at sea world killed a trainer in front of a live audience. It was his third killing. My question is why didn’t they fire the whale after the 1st killing? Usually after the 2nd one employers usually fire their employees right?

I bet if I killed someone at my job I’d get fired, so why was this whale allowed three strikes? My other QA observation is why have a show with a killer whale??

Let’s break up the words. There are two of them, whale and killer. Whale a large mammal that eats fish and is fat and I don’t mean fat like the kid in 5th grade who ate all your cookies everyday at lunch! Killer..ok this should throw up a red flag.

When this whale interviewed for the job his employer at sea world should’ve thought that through. “Hmmmm Bob I don’t think you’re a good fit for us here because you have the word killer in your name.”

People please stop making animals do tricks for your amusement before I put in a ticket to do the same to you. I wanna see that fat kid swim and jump through a hoop for a candy bar and a diet coke.


So Tiger Woods apologized to me on Friday for cheating on his wife. I remember the three of us used to hang out and go clubbing all the time. We also used to bar hop and Tiger drunk, always used to demonstrate his power swing.

Oh wait none of this actually happened. So why did you apologize to me Tiger? I don’t know you nor care about your life. Why do celebrities apologize for what happened in their personal lives?

Everyone I apologize for making a blog where I QA the world. That is all.

One thing I will never understand is the education system in America. Why is it America that we have to take a course that is unrelated to our major? When I was in college studying extremely hard to graduate with that degree in Journalism, I was studying in classes such as biology and math. What am I going to do knowing the definition of an amoeba? How is that going to help me write an article on a presidential scandal? I mean really knowing what an amoeba is, is really going to help me write that article?

Another great example is if someone is studying to become a nurse or a physical therapist, how the hell is taking a physics or astronomy class going to help them later? Uh yeah you gotta work on your leg muscles here…and here..oh by the way did you know Saturn has 17 rings made of gas and rock? Really? Why would your patient need to know that?

Instead courses in college should primarily focus on what the student is majoring in and not force them to take some silly unrelated course just for the sake of making money off of them. Really we need to change the way the education system is being run. Same goes for high school. Senior year should focus on helping the student realize their interest and enlighten them on what they want to major it, not learning about the FOIL system.

The serious issue lies in college and universities really. This is where the defect lies and someone needs to fix it. If not well then I guess the next doctor out there will know the theory of relativity. Yeah..that’s going to really come in handy when he tells me I have seven days to live.

So I noticed whenever there is a huge championship game like the Super Bowl, World Series, or even a Stanley Cup, the winner is crowned “World Champion.” They use this term a lot too in the WWE (formally WWF which I still call it that).

So I can see why the Stanley Cup is a world champion, well kind of since they do play Canada too. But the thing is none of these championship teams are really “world” champs, in fact, they are more like American Champions.

Look at the title for the final baseball championship game, World Series. Has this final game ever been played in any other ballpark besides the ones in the States? No. So how is it a World Series?

The World Cup for football (soccer) makes sense since teams play other teams from all over the world, hence the name World Cup. This term is true to the sport, while the others are not.

So my question to you dear reader, why does America crown their championship games and champion winners with the term World when they are only played in America or when they play one other country (hockey)? I don’t understand this, and it seems like a bug in American sports culture.