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So I noticed whenever there is a huge championship game like the Super Bowl, World Series, or even a Stanley Cup, the winner is crowned “World Champion.” They use this term a lot too in the WWE (formally WWF which I still call it that).

So I can see why the Stanley Cup is a world champion, well kind of since they do play Canada too. But the thing is none of these championship teams are really “world” champs, in fact, they are more like American Champions.

Look at the title for the final baseball championship game, World Series. Has this final game ever been played in any other ballpark besides the ones in the States? No. So how is it a World Series?

The World Cup for football (soccer) makes sense since teams play other teams from all over the world, hence the name World Cup. This term is true to the sport, while the others are not.

So my question to you dear reader, why does America crown their championship games and champion winners with the term World when they are only played in America or when they play one other country (hockey)? I don’t understand this, and it seems like a bug in American sports culture.


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  1. the world series is played in canada also.

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