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So a whale at sea world killed a trainer in front of a live audience. It was his third killing. My question is why didn’t they fire the whale after the 1st killing? Usually after the 2nd one employers usually fire their employees right?

I bet if I killed someone at my job I’d get fired, so why was this whale allowed three strikes? My other QA observation is why have a show with a killer whale??

Let’s break up the words. There are two of them, whale and killer. Whale a large mammal that eats fish and is fat and I don’t mean fat like the kid in 5th grade who ate all your cookies everyday at lunch! Killer..ok this should throw up a red flag.

When this whale interviewed for the job his employer at sea world should’ve thought that through. “Hmmmm Bob I don’t think you’re a good fit for us here because you have the word killer in your name.”

People please stop making animals do tricks for your amusement before I put in a ticket to do the same to you. I wanna see that fat kid swim and jump through a hoop for a candy bar and a diet coke.


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  1. true.

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