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Monthly Archives: April 2010

This whole 3D phenomenon is getting silly. People are a tad too excited with this whole 3D technology. They need to take a step back and evaluate what they are getting themselves into.

Right now a 3D television will cost a consumer well over 2k. The funny part about even buying one now is regardless of the price the consumer will still need to wear the 3D glasses. Okay let’s pause here for a second and evaluate this. In order to watch TV I need to wear some crappy 3D glasses? Really? So if a sports bar decides to invest in the same technology, they will need to hand out the same glasses to their customers? Or will they be forced to bring their own?

The same goes with movies. I am so sick of wearing these stupid glasses with every movie that comes out. Yeah at least they are free, but at what cost? Why not just develop the technology a step further and make it so the user does not need any glasses! How about that? Would that be so hard? If it is then how about we don’t release this yet..oh right money. It makes money right now so why go that extra step?

Well I hope one day the technology advances to the point where I don’t need to wear some glasses in order to view a 3D movie or television show.


I went to the mall a few weeks ago and remembered this could be something worth QA’ing. Ten years ago going to the mall was a lot different from the way it is now. I am not referring to the fashion or the type of stores, but the music in the stores. I walked into one store and I noticed they had a DJ in the store.

Now I have no idea why a store would have a DJ. I mean I am not going to start dancing in the middle of the store bumping into the other customers or racks of clothes. Seriously why do stores now hire a DJ? Is the selection on the ipod or satellite radio not good enough that the manager says hey let’s hire a DJ to mix this music!

The best part is the fact that the DJ is trying to look cool while doing this in front of the store window. Someone needs to remind the DJ that this isn’t club Fabric, no one is going to start dancing at 1pm on a Sunday at a store in the shopping mall.

It’s sad and funny to see a store try so hard to draw in customers by hiring a DJ to play the same music I could hear without them mixing it (half the time they suck anyway).