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Monthly Archives: June 2010

So I found a pretty messed up bug yesterday while watching random videos on youtube, a commercial. We see commercials (as it is they are louder than the actual tv show) on televisions, movie theaters, news websites and now on youtube? Really? Why do I have to sit through a 30 second commercial before watching a video someone uploaded?! I could see if this was a television show, but this is a homemade video! Come on people why do we have to endure this? I mean, this is 30 seconds of our lives we will never see again.

The commercials are usually pointless to begin with! It just goes to show that businesses are not only slaves to the ads, but they are slaves to the dollar. To have to advertise on a website is one thing, but to advertise on some person’s video is not right. As it is there was a rumor going around about wanting to advertise on our own moon! Enough is enough stop with the ads already! What’s even more funny is while watching the commercial a google adsense pops up! It’s like getting a double dose of ads! It’s hilarious how google has this setup.

If I wanted to buy your crap I would’ve done so already, but I don’t need car insurance from a talking lizard!

Someone needs to fix this.