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Monthly Archives: July 2010

I find it perplexing what people eat when they are out. I find it even more perplexing when they do it at a buffet.

Buffets were started in Europe and became very popular in America. In fact it became so popular in America, there are now a variety of buffet restaurants to choose from. Let’s break this down!

Buffets are a bad thing, and well sort of a good thing.

They are sort of a good thing because there are healthy buffets that exist such as Sweet Tomatoes, ( which is a great place to make fun salads and other random healthy orientated dishes.

However aside from this, buffets are not a good concept, here’s why!

This happens to a lot of people, I myself have experienced this occurrence. When you first walk into a buffet something interesting happens. Two of your five (sometimes six) senses become excited. First your eyes. You see all of these variety of food. From fried chicken to pizza. Cakes, pies, and even a guy carving up some freshly grilled steak! Suddenly you forget the true meaning of eating consciously. Your other sense, your nose, becomes engulfed in a aroma of food. Your sense of smell becomes lost in a forever maze of smell.

After this, people usually pile the plate with a ton of food forgetting about important things such as sodium, fat, and other things that matter especially for the older crowd.

In addition buffets waste a lot of food. People will become so excited and get a ton of stuff only to realize they couldn’t finish everything.

I think buffets are an unnecessary luxury. In reality, people do not need to eat this much food, but they do it anyway. The reasons could be endless from celebration to depression. Regardless, this could be a contributing factor to why so many people are overweight. Whenever I go to a buffet, I see a lot of overweight people there. It makes me wonder.

Either way, next time you happen to go to a buffet think about your food. Ask yourself do I really need to eat this? Am I really going to finish all of this? Is this going to cause health problems later? If any of those is a yes, then strategize a plan on what you’re going to eat.

Thanks for reading!


America, there is a real problem in this country when it comes to driving. People have the tendency to drive their vehicles as if they are on the Indy 500. The sad thing is they usually do this while driving a SUV or some sort of vehicle that is not meant for this type of driving.

The best part of this, is a lot of people do it while talking on the phone. I don’t understand this. Let’s break this down!

Okay so what conversation are these people having that is so important that they must do it while driving? I could understand if it was an emergency, but if you were to drive and notice how many people talk on their phones in America, you will notice it’s a lot!

Plus, most of these people do it while driving in a vehicle with kids inside!

Yeah! Let’s not only speed, but let’s talk on the phone about useless stuff that could wait till I got home, but let’s also do it while my kid is in the back. I don’t understand why people do this, do you?

Is it me or are Americans always in a hurry too? I have driven and been in other countries and from experience, I don’t see this phenomenon. Maybe because the fines/laws are higher/stricter and actually enforced. Or maybe because there are more cameras to monitor this silly activity, I really don’t know. It’s just crazy how a lot of Americans are always in a hurry, they drive crazy speeds all while doing it on the phone too. (Wonder if this is how it is in Germany on the Autobahnen)

Something needs to be done about this asap!

So be careful out there, it’s an imaginative race course!