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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Some department stores such as Walmart and Target are awesome when it comes to checking the price on the products they sell. Don’t know how much this shirt or action figure costs? No problem walk over and scan it and bam! Price is known! Best idea ever! Now why don’t the other stores such as clothing stores in the mall have this?

I was at a clothing store and had two shirts, unsure on whether or not they were part of the sale I was going to stand in a line and ask the cashier. Then I realized something, why is there not a price scanner in this store? It’s annoying to have to stand in line, then ask a cashier the real price on the clothing only to either buy it or not buy it.

Once I found out the shirts I was interested in was over priced at 70 bucks each, I had to walk away. I felt rejected and probably looked like a broke ass since I couldn’t afford the shirts. In reality, I could afford it but didn’t want to spend that on a piece of clothing which has no resale value! This whole ordeal could have been avoided if there was a price scanner.

Plus it makes shopping faster and easier! No lines come black friday either since people will be able to find out the true price.

So come on stores in the mall, adopt the price scanner!