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I should really use this more often! I haven’t updated in two years.

Two years later and a ton of observing later I have more tales to tell. Let’s begin shall we?

Right now a lot of people are thinking the world is gonna end in December of this year (2012). There are even forums dedicated to surviving whatever the hell is going to happen. The funny thing is people don’t even know! Some say the axis on earth is gonna shift and cause this huge monster storm. Some idiot out there said a planet called Nibiru is gonna crash into earth. (why is it when I look up at the sky I don’t see this planet? I mean really if it were even remotely close how come I can’t see it? Shouldn’t it look like the sky from Tatooine?) People also predict a solar flare coming in and burning all of us. This can happen at anytime and when it does, chances are you’re either going to be on the toilet or on your smartphone or both? You won’t be ready for it even if you tried.

Regardless of what happens let me ask you this. DO you want to be alive after the world falls apart? Did you not learn anything from Mad Max, those Escape from INSERT CITY NAME HERE movies, Book of Eli, playing Fallout 3 GOTY (good game btw), Last of US or anything else dealing with the apocalypse? I would rather die and come back later as a cat. I could eat, sleep, shit and chase random things all day. How exciting!


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