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Does your day consist of being in the Outback finding a means to kill that crocodile only to have to figure out which part to eat later on? Or maybe your day involves singing in front of three judges only to have them insult you and remind you that your singing is as awesome as listening to that weird number 9 song.

If TV shows like this are going to continue to exist can we at least change the theme name from “Reality” TV to something else? How about Gameshows? We can keep it as one word and it’ll still make sense. Isn’t that the whole concept of one of those shows? The contestants are competing after all to win a prize are they not? What makes a show like Survivor any different from Family Feud? Other than the fact that people are getting dirty and sweaty on one show, while the other contestants who are family members, are trying to figure out how many people surveyed the number of celebrities that contain a last name that ends in Connery.

Regardless both are competing for a prize regardless of how they are doing it. It’s not really a reality anyway. How often do we, the common folk, actually have to go through the Amazon in order to get to work? Unless one of us (me or you the reader) is a scientist or that crazy bastard from that one fishing show, then chances are pretty slim right?

Maybe one day someone will come up with a Jurassic Park theme park with real dinosaurs, then we can have contestants go there and fight for their survival. That would be a pretty entertaining…gameshow =) Though I doubt this will fly because people would actually die, but wouldn’t that make it a reality since it would really happen? I bet people would still watch it regardless since humans are fascinated by death and gore, why do you think there are “Gaper/Rubbernecking” delays on the freeway?


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