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Sorry it’s been about three years, I’ve been busy doing some more Q’ing and A’ing on this giant beautiful world we live in . One thing I learned is humans really love their weather. So many websites and news programs are focused on this very important topic. I know it can be very important to know when a serious storm is coming or a tornado, but do we really need to have so many names for these storms? I mean do we really want to make someone named Carl feel bad that a hurricane came in and left a city under a cesspool of trash? Does anyone think about Carl? They could really be affected by this! I know I was when hurricane Andrew came in and nevermind..just know this folks, we could use much cooler and effective names.

How about naming a storm Galactus? We all know how much of a jerk he can be, (for my non-geek/nerdy friends, that’s a super villain) so why not name a storm after him? Plus it sounds a lot more cooler to say. “Carl, did you hear about Hurricane Galactus?” or “Hurricane Galactus came in today and left a pile of rubble in every direction.” Plus people will remember it longer than a storm named after someone like Carl or Bob. Winter storm Iceman is going to freeze everything. That sounds extremely cool (bad pun?) and scary at the same time rather than, winter storm Norman.

Plus we could go a little further and change El Nino and Nina to something a tad less foreign. I mean El Nino, what the hell did a child do to you to cause it to be named after a weather anomaly? How about calling it weather anomaly, “It’s going to get funky” is set to take hold of our climate for the next 20 years. People will remember that and it’ll also make it fun to say!


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