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I talked about riding on an airplane before and how there are all those warnings about not smoking on the plane yet there is an ashtray in the toilet. (That’s such a tease) This time I am going to touch upon the subject of seat belts.

First and foremost more people are inclined to fasten their seat belts when riding on a plane. Though the chances of turbulence are more frequent than riding in a automobile, people should do it in both situations. At least in the air the chances of another plane hitting yours due to a drunk pilot is slim to none. You never hear about that do you? 😛

The second part of this that I find interesting is the fact that when you get on the plane and sit down, the fasten seat belt jingle comes on with the lighted sign. The flight attendants also wander the aisles to help and remind customers to fasten their seat belt. The best part of it all, once the plane is set to take off, they show you how to do it. So this is where I find a hole in the system. If everyone already has their seat belt on since a check was made prior to the flight taking off then why do flight attendants show everyone how to fasten their seat belts?

I suppose many of you will say it’s for safety concerns and what nots, but they did their check and even the little lighted signs show you how it’s inserted.

One thing that should be given on planes are jet packs or parachutes. It would be awesome if the seat cushion served as a parachute too in the case that zombies took over the plane and a need for escape was imminent. It would be helpful if jet packs were distributed too in the case of a total OMB the plane is going down moment. Though at that point I highly doubt people will remember how to operate such a device since they require assistance with seat belts, after all, there would probably be one with the jet pack.


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