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I watched the Matrix just now at 2am (I am a lot like Neo since I am at my computer at odd hours of the night) and realized something. What if we were living in the Matrix right now. What if you received that same opportunity? Would you trade in your normal routine of a life for a life aboard a metal cold ship and bowl of runny egg tasting slop? it raises a lot of questions like can you at least add salt? Did they not have condiments in the Matrix life? Without condiments how could they be happy with their food? Maybe that’s why they were singing and dancing in the sequel because they needed a distraction from the fact that they had no condiments. One cool thing about living in the Matrix world is the fact that you could learn Kung Fu in a matter of seconds rather than years. Of course you could learn a lot of things.

What are five things you would want to learn while aboard the ship? I would learn these following five things.

1. Kung Fu

2. What are the three sea shells and how the hell do you use them?

3. Who killed JFK

4. Who is your daddy and what does he do?

5. More Kung Fu

I know one of these you would definitely want to learn. Don’t lie to yourself! I mean who doesn’t want to learn Kung Fu? You could kick Lo Pan’s tall, green eyed obsessive ass in a matter of seconds! (I mixed in three movies in this blog, a new record)

Let’s get serious for a moment. If you were faced with the opportunity to become the One or even to just escape this place. Would you do it? You have no idea what awaits you on the other side. Getting out of the Matrix is a lot like dying, you suddenly find yourself in another place and you can do almost anything.

A tidbit, in the beginning of the first Matrix film, did you notice when Neo was in the Interrogation room he was being watched by the Architect. Mind blown? If you don’t believe me just watch it :p

The Matrix is one of my favorite movies because it makes you think about your own life and question reality. Plus it makes you think about the routine in your life. In many ways we’re programmed to accept our lives for what they currently are. That our lives are not easy to change and we are in our own Matrix. In reality, you do have a choice, whether it’s something minute as in what’s for lunch to finding a new career path. Whatever you do in life, remember do what you think will make you truly happy. That’s my Matrix, being truly happy.


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