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Are you one of those people that arranges an appointment with a cleaning service, only to clean your place prior to them showing up? Do you brush your teeth prior to a dental visit? I never understood this concept or why people feel the need to do this. You already given the cleaning person permission to come over and clean your place. Maybe you called them because you were lazy, tired, overworked or just hoping it was a hot maid for a hookup. 😛 Okay well regardless of the reasons why you called them over, the point is why not let them do their full job? If  you are paying them by the hour then it makes sense to spruce up the place a little bit so you can save some money.

However, if you are paying them one full solid price then why not let them do their job? I highly doubt they are going to come over and say, “Wow this place is a huge shit show!” No the likely hood is they have seen many dirty places prior to yours. You are basically calling and arranging someone to come and clean your place, then doing the job for them. Think about your job, does your boss ever call someone else prior to you showing up to work so your job is a little easier? The likely hood of this response will be no. So why would you do that for someone who you are paying to clean your place? Let them come over and clean. It’ll be worth it and who knows you will save yourself the energy and time too. I mean if you are going to clean your place prior to them showing up, then why call them at all? Why not just finish what you started?

The same goes for dental visits. I mean if you are going to get your mouth cleaned why would you brush and floss prior? You are paying them to clean your teeth so why not get your monies worth? ^__^


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