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Monthly Archives: March 2015

When it comes to traveling it’s always tough to know how to do certain things. Even the basic stuff such as finding a flight and hotel can be quite taxing. So I am creating this friendly Andrew travel guide for you.

Let’s start with the beginning shall we? 

So you decided you want to go somewhere but have no idea where? Or maybe you know where you want to go but have no idea how to purchase tickets. Where do I go to buy tickets ahhhh! Where do I find a room to sleep in ahhhh!

When it comes to flying or finding tickets the best sites I have used thus far have been Vayama & Expedia. Vayama is cool because it crawls through the other travel sites and gives you the best price. I like Expedia because there have been instances when I needed to change my flights and they were pretty cool about it. Most of the people you talk to are in the Philippines, so if you know some Tagalog definitely use it ^_^ You’ll get points too.

The best days to fly are Tuesdays through Thursday. Personally I only fly when there’s a holiday so I can piggyback it for extra days and not sacrifice my vacation days. This enables to me travel more throughout the year too! ^__^

As for finding a hotel I found a nifty site called The prices display in Pounds and then change to whatever currency to the country you are traveling to. So far I have found really good prices on there and the rates are for total stay, which helps when planning a budget. Some sites show you the per night rate and that means you gotta use math :p

As for where to travel to, this can be a tough one. It’s best to take this as a game sometimes. Pretend you are a spy and you want to check out an exotic country. Attempt to learn the language to blend in. Try not to look like a tourist. Or you can set a goal like go to all the countries that end with the word Land. Either way the sky is the limit (bad pun? too soon?)!

If you do decide to take in some tours try checking out You can book tours and other what nots to help your trip become the best trip ever! Word of advice if you plan on going to a popular destination or if you are traveling during a national holiday in either country, it’s best to book things early! I almost missed out on my Iceland trip because I procrastinated on the snorkeling tour!

When it comes to the actual trip and getting through security. Well..that will be in the next post! Just like traveling it’s good to leave somethings for later ~_^