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Monthly Archives: October 2015

What is going on in this world? Open up your cutlery drawer and tell me if you see what I see: A fork, spoon, knife and that area where you put the random things like chopsticks, kitchen tools you probably forgot about and..wait..what’s this? No? You don’t have one do you? It’s discrimination I tell you! Why don’t you have one? I mean..if you do then you are awesome! If you don’t have one of these then shame on you!

The SPORK! It’s the best of both worlds, a spoon and a fork. I mean look at this thing: vargo-ultra-spork__59873_zoom

Isn’t it pretty cool looking? You can eat salad and cereal! I bet you could even stab someone in a street fight. Okay..I wouldn’t go that far, but my point is, my point is we need a Spork in every cutlery drawer! KFC gave these things out because they knew how useful they are for eating mashed taters and rice. Some may say, “Oh but Andrew, it’s just not that practical.” I say you are wrong! YOU ARE WRONG! Good day to you!

Why wouldn’t you want to use one of these magnificent tools? You could save so much time! If you’re ever in a pickle and you want to eat a salad appetizer and your main meal,  you could totally do that with one tool! I mean seriously it’s a pain in the ass to eat rice with a fork, it slips through people. Let’s just be honest with ourselves and give credit to where it’s due, the Spork! The Spork is the best tool in the world when it comes to eating and we need to give this little tool the attention it deserves! Who’s with me?!