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Have you ever noticed at the airport how you’re not allowed to take liquids through security? They make you either drink the whole 2 gallons of water. If you cannot finish it then your other option is to dispose of it in a nearby trash. Now here’s my issue with this. This is a human bug. Okay say I am a really smart terrorist and I have a bomb that is made of liquids. Of course they won’t let me take it on the plane, so what’s my other option? Oh I know let me toss it in a garbage can in a room full of people. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO AT THE AIRPORT PEOPLE! Not the terrorists, but the so called security agents. They take your unfinished liquid beverages and toss them into garbages in a room filled with a ton of people going through security. Seriously how dumb is that? If one of those liquids happens to be a bomb and it goes off, boom a ton of people who are unsecured (they didn’t go through security, bad pun? too soon?) and dumb security agents are all killed. What they should do is screen the liquids instead and then allow people to either bring them or toss them. If it’s a bomb then act nonchalant and have them “finish”their liquid in a room then send them to a super secure room to have it go off.  Boom everyone saved.

Also do you ever have to drive someone to the airport or pick them up? Isn’t that such a tease? It’s like you’re going on a trip but you’re really not. No instead you’re going to pick up the in-laws or you’re taking some person named Bob or Katie to the airport so they can go off on a fun adventure leaving you behind like a chump! Blah!


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