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I grew up for most of my life in Chicago. Much has changed in this city of wind. One thing that has recently changed that has unfortunately stood out is the gun problem here. I am not here to beat the issue to death (bad pun?). No, I am here to point out one bug that I found with the whole concealment system here.

Now, in case you are unfamiliar with the gun concealment law here, put it this way, it’s kinda like the wild midwest here. People who have taken classes and are (hopefully) sane can carry a concealed gun. This not only tells me that the police here are not adequate enough to protect everyone, but it also means that anyone you pass in this city can be carrying a gun!

Now one question that comes to mind is how do businesses and companies know who is carrying a gun? Well fear not dear tourist or citizen of the city of wind! You are in luck! The whole system is set up with a sticker! Yeah…a sticker…

Let me show you with some screenshots yeah?



And: 1738430_1668925306717251_752219084_n

Okay before you get too trigger happy and start freaking out let me dive more into this totally fail proof system! So instead of putting up metal detectors or those cool body scanners from Total Recall.


Yeah that one. The city of Chicago has devised a plan to stop citizens from entering a building with a concealed gun with a sticker! That’s right! A sticker that shows no guns (like the Ghostbuster sticker 3101d1282614735-constantly-getting-red-ghostbuster-sign-top-phone-ghostbusters but not as cool looking) will deter gun carrying citizens from entering any building! Right? Well any smart person will ask the one question, HOW THE HELL WILL THEY EVEN KNOW SOMEONE IS EVEN CARRYING A GUN?! I guess once things hit the fan and that person comes out firing at zombies or whatever else comes their way everyone will know. Of course at that point that person will be seen as a hero since they saved everyone from a zombie, or a Hitler robot.

But on a serious note, this is a really stupid system. I mean really, I can walk into a building/establishment with a concealed gun and no one will know! A sticker will not stop me, in fact it’s pretty laughable. This is Chicago. This is the Chicago no one talks about or reports on! Now aren’t you glad you came here to learn a very vital piece of information about the city of wind?


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  1. Totally good point. Chicago isn’t the only city relying on the trusty stickers though, right? Maybe there are more good and honest people out there than they like to showcase in the news. Just a thought. 😉

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