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Missing: Seat belts on both school busses and public busses. Have you seen me?

Have you ridden a school bus or a public transportation bus? Chances are you may have noticed the absence of a seat belt. No? Let me show you! 100315063753_400x300_buses20safety20belts20raw1 See anything missing? There are no seat belts! Children are supposed to be our future, yet they are not protected properly on a school bus.

Some tour and charter busses have seat belts such as this one: Screen-shot-2013-11-21-at-2.22.49-PM-e1385061869173

I suppose this means tourists are more valuable than children? It doesn’t make much sense to me. Any moving vehicle should have undergone safety protocols including the implementation of a seat belt.

When someone rides on an airplane they are more inclined to buckle their seat belt. Yet on a school bus which is more in risk of a collision with another moving vehicle, there are no seat belts. How often do you see a plane upside down like this? overturned-school-bus-gubb2jpg-5614bf8df7c5c179

Imagine how many were injured or hurt on this bus! Safety seat belts may have played a role in saving a few lives, but it’s better to have them than to not is it not?

It’s a pretty scary scenario, but public busses used for transportation also do not usually have seat belts. Such as this bus used in Chicago: electric_bus_interior_low_res

Some may say there are no seat belts because busses are the “safest way to travel.” I find this to be a total lie. It’s a moving vehicle. If in the event there is an accident and the thing does flip, being secured in your seat thanks to a seat belt at least prevents you from flying out the window. If this is the case then why do charter busses and tourist busses have them?

If these things are installed on both public and school busses, at least the option will be there for someone to possibly save their own life!



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