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Right now technology is having a huge technological fad! Look out! Oh noooo! I mean really look out because apparently this will really shape your reality.

Not sure if you saw it, but Samsung and Sony too, (I am sure a few other peeps) have developed these headsets that create a “virtual reality” experience. oculus_rift_vr_hardware_bundle_678_678x452


Because this is so wild and wicked dude! The Keanu Reeves looking guy sure as hell seems to think so. I mean look at his expression! He’s definitely in a virtual reality!

Now let’s take a closer analysis of this image. you have a guy wearing what looks like a mini television screen headset. I mean that’s what this is. It’s a screen up close. Let’s be honest here folks, this really doesn’t create a reality does it? I mean you’re staring up close at a bunch of moving images. It would be more of a reality if you were actually in it. Like the Matrix or the Holodeck. Now that would be a virtual reality.

What this guy is doing is staring up close as some movie or video game, and to me, that’s not a virtual reality at all; that’s more of a let’s see how long it’ll take me to get dizzy or blind experience.


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