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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Are you a doctor? Maybe a super hot doctor like this one?Happy smiling doctor showing, isolated


Or maybe one of these three doctors? doctor_stooges_2

Chances are you are not right? And even if you were, would you really want someone to come into your office one day and say, “Hey Doctor, I saw a commercial that told me about these drugs.” If I were your doctor my reply would be something along the lines of, “Whoa wait a minute there spinach chin.” burnnotice_brucecampbell_652_featured_photo_gallery

Slow down there mister patient who feels like they know more than I do. Chances are your doctor has either heard of this (from studies) or has seen this same commercial too while they were up at 12am watching reruns of Knots Landing or Matlock. I bet if you went up to Matlock with this same talk (let’s pretend he’s Dr. Matlock) he’d probably have this reaction with you: matlock

Or maybe this one: maxresdefault

I know if I were him or your doctor in general this would most likely be my reaction to your “suggestion” for the medicine you think you should be on. I mean seriously have you listened to those commercials? They talk so fast when it comes to the side effects, they even have it listed in the tiny letters that require more than 20 minutes to read it but they only give you 2 seconds to realize something is there. That caption is so small even the ants need bifocals to read it. As it is it’s sometimes awkward to have these things come on TV during certain moments. Imagine sitting down with your significant other’s parents or grandparents and they decide to watch a little TV and bam you see this come on the screen: viagra-commercial-video-tv-women-target

This is one scandalous dressed woman. I mean look at that stare. I don’t think I need Viagra after seeing those hungry, seductive eyes! No but seriously joking aside, do we really need these commercials? I mean we should really leave this up to our doctor to decide what’s right for us. Plus, it really does make it feel like a business. Seeing drug commercials such as these tells me one thing, we’re a business. We are a living and walking dollar sign. They really don’t give a shit if you have any of the side effects, as long as they get some money off of you they’re happy. Obviously you would care more if you had a hardon that lasted for 10 hours. Drugs shouldn’t be taken lightly, nor should they be aired on TV as if we’re some sort of walking dollar sign. They make customers not cures! It really does take the human side away from being sick or in need of help.