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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Let me ask you a personal question. I know, I know what you are saying, but you don’t even know me! You have to take me out to dinner first! But trust me on this one okay? Would you let someone else drive your car? Or better yet, would you let someone else drive in general? Now I don’t mean a Uber driver, though those experiences can be pretty…interesting to say the least. What I am referring to is letting a robot drive your car. I don’t mean this guy:cabdriver-890x445-616x308

Though I wouldn’t let him drive me anywhere with those beady little eyes. I mean he has a, “I am going to take you to a strip club or some other destination you don’t even want look.” How or why would anyone trust a facial expression like that? That’s really not a good idea. This is my point, why would you let something that has no feelings drive you somewhere? Sure maybe he won’t look as suspicious like this guy but the mere concept is a tad daunting. Being in QA, there is always a bug in any system, there’s no such thing as a bug free system. With that mindset what makes you think a robot will not have any bugs or flaws? Plus forget about quick getaways! The robot has to take time to calculate and understand your command/destination. A simple, “Drive!” will not cut it. Forget about robbing banks and running away from zombies.

Is it really that serious or are you really that busy in life that you need something else to do the driving for you? Are you really putting your trust into a machine so you can be lazy like this person? selfcar_01

Now I know what you will say, “But Andrew that person is being productive, they’re reading  and it gives them time to do other things.” Driving is a privilege not a chore. People forget this concept all the time. I mean I see drivers texting, putting on makeup and other things that distract them from the road. Driving also puts our lives in danger. So with that in mind, we are putting our lives in danger by letting a robot drive. At least with a human you have chances to avoid mistakes. Though I know there are positives such as no more drunk drivers in certain countries. And the thought of having these guys drive me around  stm0205car_309369k is a pretty cool idea! Though I am not sure the one on the left can be trusted.

As long as the robotic drivers aren’t these guys: robots-driving then I suppose this could work out. Regardless whether or not I like the whole concept of cars driving us around, this technology is coming. It’ll be here sooner than you know it! What do you think of this concept?