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Monthly Archives: October 2016

After the Otzela fiasco I decided to just stick with the two pharm medicines I was on (Dovanex and clobetasol)  plus the Daavlin wand. Then I realized that I may need another bulb or prescription for the drugs so I made an appointment with my Derm. Then something happened, my Derm cancelled the appointment last minute on me! At first I was annoyed since it happened the same day, which reminded me of that one Seinfeld episode where George tries to get money from the doctor for cancelling last minute, since if we, as patients do it, chances are we’ll get charged (depending on the reason). After that I decided I was done with Dermatologists and pharm drugs!

Why should I live out the rest of my life dependent on them when there must be another way! Right?  200_s

So with that in mind I decided to give the herbalist concept another try, though this time I did some heavy research. I mean my eating lifestyle, as strict as it is has been, does work in the sense that I have less than 5% alien ps invaders on my skin. Sure I still had ps in my nails and scalp, but that means I must need extra help right? That’s why there are vitamins too. After researching the next Herbalist I decided to go to Source Healing here in Chicago.

After the first experience I had with a Herbalist, I felt a little skeptical but I did it with an open mind. Again, having any illness that’s lifelong means you have to be positive. You can’t be negative or else you’ll never fully get over it. So I met with the Herbalist and I told her my issue. I told her exactly what I avoid eating (I’ll list it all again for you at the end of this blog post) and I told her where I still had the ps. She checked my tongue (it’s a pathway to see what’s going on inside! Who knew?!) and my pulse. Then since I am on a great eating path I skipped the “cleansing” herbs and jumped right to the good stuff.

The magic potion she prescribed to me intimidated me a little bit, mainly because of the smell. She told me what it does and how it helps me (basically nourishes my spleen and causes hydration to my skin). After trying it for a week I noticed my skin started to clear up in the remaining areas! She’s been a great help too and really cares, she followed up several times to see if everything was okay. After doing this for a bit I can safely and happily say my skin has cleared up!

She told me that I should be able to get off of this after three months, so hopefully by then it won’t come back. We’ll find out right? And if it does I can just drink this again, not a big deal since it does help me and nourish my skin. It’s a lot safer than messing with my cells and possibly getting cancer. Plus it’s like a tea, so that’s great!

Sure I will never truly cure this, but by making several changes in my life I definitely cleared up my skin more than I would have if I didn’t do these things. You may be thinking will it work for me? Or why isn’t it working for me? Ask yourself are you really really avoiding everything that you should be avoiding? Here is a list of the things that I avoid. If you can follow this list for the rest of your life then maybe, just maybe your skin can be clear too! Try it!  What do you have to lose? You will lose weight which is good too. Anytime you knock out certain foods you will lose weight, that’s usually how it goes ^___^  I hope either way whatever you do, helps you because you deserve to be happy in life. I am here for you too, consider me a friend because no one deserves to fight this battle alone.

Here are the things I avoid:

  • Yeast (bread, alochol)
  • Nightshades
  • Wheat
  • Dairy (including milk chocolate, though chocolate free of dairy is okay! yay!)
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Potato Starch
  • Deep fried food
  • MSG
  • Greasy food
  • Processed foods
  • Processed sugar
  • Soda
  • Caffeine
  • Spicy food (though a little spice is okay)
  • Indian food (mostly dairy, potato and tomato)
  • Some Italian food
  • Fast Food like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s etc.





The beginning of this year I still have 5% ps on me. I wanted to get it down to less than that. My scalp was the main thing. The haircuts were not a big deal since the person who cuts my hair knows that when I get it cut sometimes my scalp will flake like dandruff (though it’s not). She has been cutting my hair since 2009. Before her, it was my dad who used to cut it. But it wasn’t just the haircuts, it was the hats. Living in a cold climate in the winter means my scalp will shed all over my hair, especially if I sweat. I did some research and there was one last drug I wanted to try.

This one is called Otzela, which costs 23k! My insurance took care of it all luckily but was it worth it? No it wasn’t. The thing about this drug is that it messes with your immunity cells by slowing them down. I thought maybe this could teach my cells to “learn” to slow down. The side effects made the results not worth it. The first thing I noticed as far as results were concerned was the fact that I flared up! After that the last two areas of my body, my scalp and nails cleared up!

The side effects though, it made this not worth it. I started to poop a ton. I mean, I was up to six to eight times a day! The record is ten! Can you imagine trying to go out on a date with a girl or hang out with friends only to have to poop ten times during that time?! It wasn’t a fun experience. The other side effect was the anger. I felt sad and angry at times and even contemplated suicide. I told my doctor about this experience and she wanted to prescribe me another drug for the pooping, she thought maybe it was IBS. This is when I started to realize I was more of a customer than a patient. Why would I want another drug to combat a side effect of the reason why I am experiencing it in the first place? That’s like borrowing money from Paul to pay Peter.  Okay not exactly like that, but you get my point! After being on it for four months I couldn’t do it anymore. I stopped and I said no more drugs and no more dermatologists.

The only thing I used after that was my Daavlin wand and the Dovonex.

My father who passed away eight years ago taught me two things that I will always follow. The first is to never take crap from anyone and the second is to never give up. Having ps has tested those two things and it has also taught me something. After changing my eating lifestyle and following that long list of foods that I don’t eat, I still have the ps. It wasn’t stress either, the way I combat stress is pretty simple, I don’t let things get to me. Which relates back to the things my father taught me. I don’t take crap from anyone including those who give me stress. If I get stressed out over something at work, I just say meh it’s work and it’ll always be here, I am not going to let it haunt me like a ghost. If the stress is from financial reasons then I say meh, I will just save money and not buy things I don’t need. Growing up I forced myself to learn patience. It’s something not easy to learn and really follow, or is it? If your phone gets a nasty scratch or a crack, do you replace it right away? Can you see the text on the screen still? Can you live with the ugly screen until you really are financially stable to purchase the phone? As long as it works you could probably go without it, though personal preference would matter here. My point is, having ps has taught me patience and it has forced me to be patient. If I get stressed out over something and am impatient, then my ps will flare up.

Some people tend to say ps flares up once a month, but does it really? I noticed my ps flared up whenever I was stressed, it was after realizing being stressed out does more harm than good is when I noticed my flare ups subsided. There are other ways to combat stress such as meditation, hypno-therapists and even just learning how to breathe. Take a deep breathe, walk away from the situation and come back to it later. While you are away from whatever is stressing you out, ask yourself why is this stressing me out in the first place? Remember we’re here temporarily and the universe is vast, I highly doubt whatever is stressing you out is worth taking to the grave. Plus what would an alien say to you if they saw you stressed over your reason. Would they laugh?

After learning how to combat stress check to see if your ps calms too. You may be surprised by the results. If you do feel you have to stress out over whatever it is that’s bothering you, then there are ways to release it. Try exercising (it’s also good for your ps), take a martial art/self defense class, play a sport, read a book, take in a comedy show, listen to music, write, paint (even if you can’t do those two things who cares try it anyway and just call it art. If people call this art  I am sure you could do something just as…interesting), there are many things you could do. The goal is to find an escape from the stress and to better your life at the same time! The best part about being you is the fact that you know yourself. You know yourself better than anyone ever will. You know your limits and you know your fears. Stress is also part of that fear too, so why not fight it? Don’t take crap from anyone or anything including stress! Screw that thing! You are better than that stress monster! Plus you could always talk to someone about your stress to help you feel better. Have no one to talk to? Send me a message I’ll listen! The point is, you have options in life, use them.

recipe_issue_mainSo in the last post I talked about what I avoid and don’t eat. So what is it that I do eat? As mentioned I stated that I do eat bread and cake. How is this possible if I don’t eat yeast or wheat? Simple! I eat bread that is yeast and potato starch free! This bread is the only kind that I have found that my body can tolerate. It can be found in any grocery store and online too, though it’s cheaper at stores. It keeps for a long time and it takes a bit in getting used to. It’s not for everyone, but it’s the best for the given situation. For me, it’s either this or eating “regular” bread and having itchy skin again. I always tell myself do I want to eat delicious or look it? Though this bread is delicious too since I’ve grown accustomed to the it. Plus I look at the foods that cause my ps aliens to come back and I say to myself do I really want that? Why not just eat this, it’s really good anyway! It’s healthy too!

As for cakes, I use namaste brand including for brownies and other things. Though there are other methods in making brownies and other mixes that I use. I could get into breaded fish sticks too, but I don’t want to bombard you! Let’s do it by small steps okay? I have been doing this for over five years now so I can definitely give you a ton of info and resources. I haven’t even gotten into how I got rid of the ps yet! We also still have to talk about shampoos and soaps too.

Okay okay back to the main topic, food! So yeah that’s what I use for bread. Also you can totally use the Namaste brand for making pizza. This is a little tricky since the dough can be tough to work with. It takes practice to make it the way you like your pizza. Oh yeah the sauce! Well you can make your own tomato free sauce or use something else like a homemade pesto. I use nomato sauce  which is super expensive! So I buy it in bulk and keep it for a few months. It’s good for up to six months. There are some great recipes online too such as this one and this. I use brown rice pasta, quinoa noodles and Asian noodles for the pasta. Who knew you had such unlimited options! If you do want to pursue this eating lifestyle you totally can! Plus it is pretty awesome! This cheese is what I use too but there are other brands such as Daiya though some of their stuff has potato starch in it so be mindful of that!

Besides this, I also eat fish (pescatarian) minus anything farm fresh and tilapia. As for veggies and fruits I love all kinds minus the nightshades. The foods that really help keep the alien ps invaders at bay are Garlic, Kale, Coconut Oil, lots of salads (use balsamic vinegar or a combo of oil, vinegar, lemon, italian seasoning and salt/pepper), and this stuff helps too!

Almond and Coconut milk are good too.

Next post I will talk more about food. I love food!

So several years passed and I continued to experiment with food. I noticed when I ate meat such as heavy doses of steak my skin was itchy. While in the Philippines I had a nasty patch on my shin. I had a bunch of fish gnaw at my ps spots. What better way to attack the alien ps invaders than to have giant sea serpent fish combat them! garra_rufa I did this in Cancun Mexico too. It was expensive and weird. Imagine having a bunch of little bites come at you from different directions. The experience was definitely memorable but it did more harm than good to my ps spots. The skin underneath bled and caused the fish to go into a frenzy for more. Hungry little monsters! In fact, to this day you can still see the scars from their tiny little bites. Here is the shin now where the ps spot was. Kinda hard to tell from my camera phone, (I’ll try to add a better one later) but you can see the little dots? Those are from them! 20161007_001046 That ps spot lasted for a good ten years before it finally disappeared. It took a long hard battle, but the aliens were pushed out of this area on my body! How did I do it? It wasn’t the sea monsters that did it, but I did something extreme!

After returning from the ordeal of the sea serpents, I decided to take a step further in my life and eliminate more food. Now this one wasn’t easy at first, nothing is in life, but I did it! I stopped eating bread! I said no more donuts, bagels, bread (though I still eat bread a little on that in a moment), cakes (again I still do) and other things that contain YEAST! AHH Yeast! You bastard! Yeast was one of the culprits! When I stopped eating yeast that spot on my shin disappeared completely without any drugs! It went away! Along with other spots including on my forehead. I took it a step further though, before giving up yeast I did something extreme. I did a cleanse that consisted of 5-6 apples a day and a cup of lemon juice. It was terrible and it made me feel icky, but I did it for 3 days. At the end of the 3rd day I  did a colonic cleanse. What’s that? It’s basically a fancy smancy way of saying someone sticks a tube up your butt and sucks out all the shit (literally).  Colonic Therapy

Now I don’t recommend doing this all the time because it does feel uncomfortable if you’re not using to jamming tubes up your butt. Maybe you are I dunno what you’re into, but for ps reasons this is pretty extreme. Afterwards though, wow did my skin clear up! I went from 40% to 10%! It also meant I lost weight! I went from 170lbs to 135 (which I weigh now). It also meant I gave up certain foods too! So the list before consisted of pizza and alcohol right? Well add the following:

  1. Pizza
  2. Alcohol
  3. Dairy
  4. Yeast
  5. Wheat
  6. Processed foods
  7. Nightshades
  8. Red meat (minus lamb, which I eventually gave up)
  9. Poultry (as of this 2016)
  10. Gluten
  11. Processed Sugar
  12. MSG and Yeasty ingredients like yeast extract
  13. Anything that has masked ingredients like “Natural Flavors
  14. Artificial Flavors including those weird foods that contain the colors with numbers.
  15. Eggs
  16. Soda and Coffee
  17. Store purchased soups

At the time that I did this it was 2011, so at that time I did still consume lamb and poultry. I gave those up as of 2016 because I noticed my ps was still there and wondered what would happen if I gave those up too. (It cleared up even more including my chest!)

I will do another post about what I do eat, in fact going forward after I finish telling you the backstory, I will post recipes and other things. I’ll even put restaurants up that I been too (not just in Chicago but all over the world!)

If you do decide to do this food thing let me tell you something with a serious tone. Nothing is easy in life unless you want it to be. It’s easier to say this is difficult or this is hard rather than this is easy. No one wants to give up their favorite foods, in fact I sometimes think this is why people resort to the drugs. But ask yourself this. Do you want to really inject yourself or be on steroids for the rest of your life? You are giving yourself the strong risk of cancer and most of those drugs do make you poop a ton. Is it really worth it? I am sure your ps is your body telling you something too! Sure those drugs hide it, but why not figure out why it’s happening and maybe you could find a safer way of hiding it! Stress does play a role too, but food is something we’re exposed to more right? This is just food for thought and in no way am I telling you what to do. My point here is to give you more things to think about and wonder. Life is a curiosity so why not be curious? Unless you tried this and know for sure then by all means keep doing it. Just remember, regardless of what you have done or are doing, life is what you make of it.

After several years of being on drugs I decided to do some more research on other methods. I thought about all those drugs I was on (there were more I didn’t mention but I decided to just do highlights) and how it caused more harm than good on my body. The ad agency I worked for also had Stelara as one of their clients and I remember even considering that. Psoriasis is an interesting thing. I mean it’s basically someone who has an overactive immune system. The positive side (there’s always a positive side to everything) is that I rarely get sick! I am like a mutant! 7042038a1a35519317ff9826d56a0a09

The downfall is that I get red and itchy skin and when I do get sick, I get deathly sick. I mean I have had pneumonia! I was 27 at the time and bam I was on a ventilator. Knowing this was an auto-immune disorder also told me something else, why is my immune system so hyper-active?

When we’re sick it usually means something. Our body is a map and a living vessel. When we  have an illness it means something we’re doing or did caused it to happen in the first place. I know this belief or concept may seem really weird to you, but think about it. When you go out and touch a bunch of things in public, what was one of the first things you learned? Not to put your dirty hands in your mouth! Why? or else…you will get sick! Okay let’s keep this thought in our hands for second. Now let’s remove the dirty objects with food and what happens when we put that in our mouths? Our body takes it in right? Work with me here, what happens next, we either like the taste and it pleases us and our bodies. Now let’s step a little further into this, what tastes better a candy bar or a bowl of spinach? The bowl..just kidding the candy bar right? Every one loves a candy bar or a sugary treat. Who doesn’t? Okay now I am not saying that candy bars cause psoriasis, but I am sure some of the food we eat does play a role. Right?

Now I know this thought seems a little wacky to some of you out there, especially in the psoriasis community. This is a huge controversy. In fact, whenever I talk about this with several people who do suffer from psoriasis, I am either met with agreement or disagreement. A lot of people will say everyone is different. Sure this is true, but to an extent. We do bleed the same color and our bones are the same color inside right? So there are some similarities. Sure not everyone will develop psoriasis by eating the same foods, but there are people who do! A simple Google Search on Psoriasis and Pizza returns a lot of interesting results. Many people have noticed a similarity with eating pizza and psoriasis. Many ps suffers will see different results by eating pizza. One thing many ps people say is if you want to look like a pizza eat some.

Growing up I loved pizza! It was my favorite food. Especially coming from Chicago, pizza is big here! Not liking pizza here is like being an atheist and going to a catholic church but not participating in any of the rituals. People may notice and you will be shunned! Okay that won’t really happen, but not being able to eat pizza does make a huge difference with ps. At least this is what I noticed. Do you have ps? Are you on drugs? Maybe experiment, try not taking any drugs and eat pizza for a month and see what happens. Document it. If you notice a difference then you know pizza does play a role. Not only pizza but maybe food does too!

This is when I decided to stop eating pizza. It wasn’t just pizza that I noticed things would happen with my body. One day I drank a ton of wine and I noticed I was super red days later. In fact, the redness remained and became worse! Here’s a picture of how it used to look. me-ps It wasn’t fun since it continued and covered my entire scalp. So one day I said okay no more pizza and while I’m add it, no more alcohol. Let’s see what happens!

Several days later, the ps alien base faded. That red spot you see in the picture disappeared. I did add some of the dovonex on there but I believe the food helped me more than anything. In fact, after I stopped eating pizza and drinking the ps aliens disappeared a little bit. The redness never came back and I continued to avoid the pizza and wine, here’s a picture of me a year after.00000205

You can see the remnants from the ps battle, but you can also see my thumb and how it was super short and extremely cut uneven. Well the ps alien base still remained in other places.

The battle was beginning to turn in my favor, but the war still continued!

After the injections failed I decided to try something else. So I saw this herbalist who was also a chiropractor. He cracked my back (my first time) and I thought this was a little odd. He also gave me some strange things to drink. American Saffron tea  was one of the things that stood out (the rest were mixtures). I drank it and it did nothing for my ps invaders and my taste buds. I kept seeing him for over a year and continued the treatment of the random herbs and tea. Again, my ps didn’t clear up. It was quite odd!

The only thing that seemed to work was the Dovonex and the other steroids I was on. So I decided okay let’s do something else. I found a new derm and she was really nice at first. She gave me more drugs including this weird one. It was a mixture of a bunch of steroids that I was supposed to put on my skin. What she didn’t tell me was that it could stain threw my clothes! I remember riding on the bus and people kept staring at the back of my pants. I had put some of that crazy oily cream on the back of my pants and apparently it went through. I had some stains on the back of my knees! It looked like I was bleeding or had some weird thing going on since it was dark and my pants were a light brown. Since I put some on in the early morning I apparently got some on my butt cheek too! So yeah I went the whole day with this crap on me. Eventually it dried but the stains remained. They were one of my favorite pair of pants that I never wore again after that day.

The drug did help! By golly gee willikers it worked! 29e

Maybe this derm was the one for me! The drug was great. I put it on other spots of my body which included my elbows, arms and other parts of my legs. I even applied it on my scalp and face. I did it at night of course, didn’t want another bus experience. Of course that meant stained pillow case and sheets, but I had to do it to fight off the alien invaders! I finally found a weapon to fend off the alien invaders! Even the stuff was going into my nail bed, which mean their bases were also getting attacked. wfgp9kI was finally winning the fight against the ps alien invaders! Or was I? One thing I learned about steroid creams is they have a really nasty side effect. They cause acne. So I went from having ps on my skin to also having acne. This also caused my ps to change too. Some of the acne spots became ps! The alien ps invaders change! They went from being scaly little and big spots to these acne spots that eventually became small red white scaly spots! It was like they were alien reapers! The battle took a turn for the worst and my body was again losing the fight. Insert dramatic space music.

Do you know how boxers and kick boxers look when they are going to fight? I am referring to the bandages on their hands. wear-hand-wraps-step-7 Sorta like that! It looks like they burned their hand or something right? I mean I know why they do it obviously (I studied martial arts and we had to do this too). Now imagine getting that wrapping but only on your fingers then walking down the street. People are going to stare and wonder what happened to you. This brings me to my next story.

As the ps invaders began to take over more of my nails I decided to see another dermatologist. This one was super cool! His name, well I don’t want to expose any of the doctors I saw, some were at Northwestern Hospital, St. Joseph, I can go on and on, but yeah, this one was super cool. He was nice and thoughtful. After telling him about the previous one he was pretty unhappy about the type of treatment she gave me, both medically and emotionally.

After taking some snapshots of my hands, I felt like a hand model!960 Okay maybe not that extreme but it was for science! At least that’s what he told me. He said he wanted to document this for future studies! I was making a difference! Contributing to science seemed like a cool idea. He decided to give me some Corticosteroid injections at the base of my nail. Now I don’t know if you have ever been stung by a scorpion or a bee, but this is what it basically feels like. The hot fluid went into my fingers and the stinging sensation hurt super muchos. I didn’t like it but I remember thinking, this is for science goddammit!

I did this for about six months, went once every few weeks and bam injections. After all that pain for both science and treating the alien invaders who set up a pretty good base in my nails, the medicine did nothing. I was flummoxed. They did nothing!? But why? The doctor was confused, but his only reasoning was that it was “stubborn” and difficult to treat. Obviously after all this pain and blood, I felt a little discouraged again. So I said fine, I am going to figure something else out.

What I learned from this experience was the fact that pain isn’t fun. No matter what diseases or hardship we experience in life, there will always be some sort of pain. Through that pain we learn, we survive and we grow. Whether it’s from a broken heart to getting injections in our fingers, no matter what the pain may be, the hope is to learn from it. At least it doesn’t make it in vain right?

When I was 14 years old I unintentionally cut myself. Though this time, this cut was unlike any of the previous cuts I had experienced. I wasn’t sure why, but it healed differently. Instead of turning into a scab and disappearing it remained. It turned white and it didn’t disappear. Being in high school people began to wonder what it was. I thought it was just a different type of scab though it did shed a lot of skin. After the ridicule continued I knew something was up so I told my parents and the doctors told me I had psoriasis. I had no idea what that was but it sounded like it was an alien thing. I thought I was from another planet. It got worse.

I remember a few years later I was in gym class and the back of my knees were super red and scratched up. I had scratched them in my sleep and it hurt showering let alone bending them. I had no idea why this was happening to me since I never deserved or asked for it. All I remember looking back was getting ridiculed for that too. It wasn’t easy but I tried to ignore it, both the bullies and the ps, which is short for psoriasis. I was pretty ashamed and I tried my best to hide it.

As I became older I noticed it slowed down and showed up in random places on my skin. I would put cream on it and pretend it was an alien invading my body. To me the medicine was the attack and seeing it disappear would be a sign that the aliens were losing the battle of taking over my skin.

Time passed and before I knew it I was 21 and this is when things really became interesting. Life tends to pass us by pretty quickly and one thing we always try to do is live for the moment. This concept played true in my early 20s. I would have a drink here and there with my friends at the time. I did it mainly to fit in and belong in the group. Though looking back all those friends are gone now. Was it worth it? No it wasn’t since all it did was make the alien ps try even harder to invade my body. All the drinking made the alien ps invade my nails. At first I thought it was from my photography class (took some photography classes in school) and I thought the chemicals were causing some weird reaction. But no I was wrong, it was the alien ps invading a new area of my body. This caused me to reach out to even more doctors.

The medicine was pretty painful. Having ps on the skin means you get to put some random topical steroid or cream on it that’ll cause the white part to become red and eventually fade. Alien ps in the nails is a different story all together. Because creams cannot reach under the nail bed it makes it a lot harder to attack their alien ps bases. So one of the many, countless doctors I saw (there were about 25 all together, I will explain why I saw so many in future posts) decided to prescribe me methotrexate, which also sounded like an alien. I thought this would help, but no it did nothing. It was super risky taking it too since it can cause cancer! Isn’t that crazy? I didn’t want to worry about having deformed cells that could kill me being in my mid-20s. methotrexate psoriasis cancer risk

Imagine getting cancer because I was trying to fight the alien ps. That would be worse since I can’t fight them as easily. So I decided to get off that drug. The doctor was pretty upset and against this. She thought it was ridiculous that I decided to take control of my life and not take this drug anymore. I’ll never forget her words, she said to me, “You are making a big mistake, your psoriasis will become worse.” I thought to myself how the hell does she know, she doesn’t have the alien invaders!

Going forward my blog is going to go into a new chapter. I decided to talk about my experience having the ps alien invaders and how I was finally able to beat them once and for all. It’s basically me writing a test report on my experience on how I successfully QA’d the shit outta my unwanted visitors.

Thanks for reading, I hope this serves as an inspiration and motivation to fighting your own issues including ps if you have it! Keep reading more posts and the more you’ll learn about me and the battle against alien ps invaders!! borg