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When I was 14 years old I unintentionally cut myself. Though this time, this cut was unlike any of the previous cuts I had experienced. I wasn’t sure why, but it healed differently. Instead of turning into a scab and disappearing it remained. It turned white and it didn’t disappear. Being in high school people began to wonder what it was. I thought it was just a different type of scab though it did shed a lot of skin. After the ridicule continued I knew something was up so I told my parents and the doctors told me I had psoriasis. I had no idea what that was but it sounded like it was an alien thing. I thought I was from another planet. It got worse.

I remember a few years later I was in gym class and the back of my knees were super red and scratched up. I had scratched them in my sleep and it hurt showering let alone bending them. I had no idea why this was happening to me since I never deserved or asked for it. All I remember looking back was getting ridiculed for that too. It wasn’t easy but I tried to ignore it, both the bullies and the ps, which is short for psoriasis. I was pretty ashamed and I tried my best to hide it.

As I became older I noticed it slowed down and showed up in random places on my skin. I would put cream on it and pretend it was an alien invading my body. To me the medicine was the attack and seeing it disappear would be a sign that the aliens were losing the battle of taking over my skin.

Time passed and before I knew it I was 21 and this is when things really became interesting. Life tends to pass us by pretty quickly and one thing we always try to do is live for the moment. This concept played true in my early 20s. I would have a drink here and there with my friends at the time. I did it mainly to fit in and belong in the group. Though looking back all those friends are gone now. Was it worth it? No it wasn’t since all it did was make the alien ps try even harder to invade my body. All the drinking made the alien ps invade my nails. At first I thought it was from my photography class (took some photography classes in school) and I thought the chemicals were causing some weird reaction. But no I was wrong, it was the alien ps invading a new area of my body. This caused me to reach out to even more doctors.

The medicine was pretty painful. Having ps on the skin means you get to put some random topical steroid or cream on it that’ll cause the white part to become red and eventually fade. Alien ps in the nails is a different story all together. Because creams cannot reach under the nail bed it makes it a lot harder to attack their alien ps bases. So one of the many, countless doctors I saw (there were about 25 all together, I will explain why I saw so many in future posts) decided to prescribe me methotrexate, which also sounded like an alien. I thought this would help, but no it did nothing. It was super risky taking it too since it can cause cancer! Isn’t that crazy? I didn’t want to worry about having deformed cells that could kill me being in my mid-20s. methotrexate psoriasis cancer risk

Imagine getting cancer because I was trying to fight the alien ps. That would be worse since I can’t fight them as easily. So I decided to get off that drug. The doctor was pretty upset and against this. She thought it was ridiculous that I decided to take control of my life and not take this drug anymore. I’ll never forget her words, she said to me, “You are making a big mistake, your psoriasis will become worse.” I thought to myself how the hell does she know, she doesn’t have the alien invaders!

Going forward my blog is going to go into a new chapter. I decided to talk about my experience having the ps alien invaders and how I was finally able to beat them once and for all. It’s basically me writing a test report on my experience on how I successfully QA’d the shit outta my unwanted visitors.

Thanks for reading, I hope this serves as an inspiration and motivation to fighting your own issues including ps if you have it! Keep reading more posts and the more you’ll learn about me and the battle against alien ps invaders!! borg




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