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Do you know how boxers and kick boxers look when they are going to fight? I am referring to the bandages on their hands. wear-hand-wraps-step-7 Sorta like that! It looks like they burned their hand or something right? I mean I know why they do it obviously (I studied martial arts and we had to do this too). Now imagine getting that wrapping but only on your fingers then walking down the street. People are going to stare and wonder what happened to you. This brings me to my next story.

As the ps invaders began to take over more of my nails I decided to see another dermatologist. This one was super cool! His name, well I don’t want to expose any of the doctors I saw, some were at Northwestern Hospital, St. Joseph, I can go on and on, but yeah, this one was super cool. He was nice and thoughtful. After telling him about the previous one he was pretty unhappy about the type of treatment she gave me, both medically and emotionally.

After taking some snapshots of my hands, I felt like a hand model!960 Okay maybe not that extreme but it was for science! At least that’s what he told me. He said he wanted to document this for future studies! I was making a difference! Contributing to science seemed like a cool idea. He decided to give me some Corticosteroid injections at the base of my nail. Now I don’t know if you have ever been stung by a scorpion or a bee, but this is what it basically feels like. The hot fluid went into my fingers and the stinging sensation hurt super muchos. I didn’t like it but I remember thinking, this is for science goddammit!

I did this for about six months, went once every few weeks and bam injections. After all that pain for both science and treating the alien invaders who set up a pretty good base in my nails, the medicine did nothing. I was flummoxed. They did nothing!? But why? The doctor was confused, but his only reasoning was that it was “stubborn” and difficult to treat. Obviously after all this pain and blood, I felt a little discouraged again. So I said fine, I am going to figure something else out.

What I learned from this experience was the fact that pain isn’t fun. No matter what diseases or hardship we experience in life, there will always be some sort of pain. Through that pain we learn, we survive and we grow. Whether it’s from a broken heart to getting injections in our fingers, no matter what the pain may be, the hope is to learn from it. At least it doesn’t make it in vain right?


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