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After several years of being on drugs I decided to do some more research on other methods. I thought about all those drugs I was on (there were more I didn’t mention but I decided to just do highlights) and how it caused more harm than good on my body. The ad agency I worked for also had Stelara as one of their clients and I remember even considering that. Psoriasis is an interesting thing. I mean it’s basically someone who has an overactive immune system. The positive side (there’s always a positive side to everything) is that I rarely get sick! I am like a mutant! 7042038a1a35519317ff9826d56a0a09

The downfall is that I get red and itchy skin and when I do get sick, I get deathly sick. I mean I have had pneumonia! I was 27 at the time and bam I was on a ventilator. Knowing this was an auto-immune disorder also told me something else, why is my immune system so hyper-active?

When we’re sick it usually means something. Our body is a map and a living vessel. When we  have an illness it means something we’re doing or did caused it to happen in the first place. I know this belief or concept may seem really weird to you, but think about it. When you go out and touch a bunch of things in public, what was one of the first things you learned? Not to put your dirty hands in your mouth! Why? or else…you will get sick! Okay let’s keep this thought in our hands for second. Now let’s remove the dirty objects with food and what happens when we put that in our mouths? Our body takes it in right? Work with me here, what happens next, we either like the taste and it pleases us and our bodies. Now let’s step a little further into this, what tastes better a candy bar or a bowl of spinach? The bowl..just kidding the candy bar right? Every one loves a candy bar or a sugary treat. Who doesn’t? Okay now I am not saying that candy bars cause psoriasis, but I am sure some of the food we eat does play a role. Right?

Now I know this thought seems a little wacky to some of you out there, especially in the psoriasis community. This is a huge controversy. In fact, whenever I talk about this with several people who do suffer from psoriasis, I am either met with agreement or disagreement. A lot of people will say everyone is different. Sure this is true, but to an extent. We do bleed the same color and our bones are the same color inside right? So there are some similarities. Sure not everyone will develop psoriasis by eating the same foods, but there are people who do! A simple Google Search on Psoriasis and Pizza returns a lot of interesting results. Many people have noticed a similarity with eating pizza and psoriasis. Many ps suffers will see different results by eating pizza. One thing many ps people say is if you want to look like a pizza eat some.

Growing up I loved pizza! It was my favorite food. Especially coming from Chicago, pizza is big here! Not liking pizza here is like being an atheist and going to a catholic church but not participating in any of the rituals. People may notice and you will be shunned! Okay that won’t really happen, but not being able to eat pizza does make a huge difference with ps. At least this is what I noticed. Do you have ps? Are you on drugs? Maybe experiment, try not taking any drugs and eat pizza for a month and see what happens. Document it. If you notice a difference then you know pizza does play a role. Not only pizza but maybe food does too!

This is when I decided to stop eating pizza. It wasn’t just pizza that I noticed things would happen with my body. One day I drank a ton of wine and I noticed I was super red days later. In fact, the redness remained and became worse! Here’s a picture of how it used to look. me-ps It wasn’t fun since it continued and covered my entire scalp. So one day I said okay no more pizza and while I’m add it, no more alcohol. Let’s see what happens!

Several days later, the ps alien base faded. That red spot you see in the picture disappeared. I did add some of the dovonex on there but I believe the food helped me more than anything. In fact, after I stopped eating pizza and drinking the ps aliens disappeared a little bit. The redness never came back and I continued to avoid the pizza and wine, here’s a picture of me a year after.00000205

You can see the remnants from the ps battle, but you can also see my thumb and how it was super short and extremely cut uneven. Well the ps alien base still remained in other places.

The battle was beginning to turn in my favor, but the war still continued!


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