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So several years passed and I continued to experiment with food. I noticed when I ate meat such as heavy doses of steak my skin was itchy. While in the Philippines I had a nasty patch on my shin. I had a bunch of fish gnaw at my ps spots. What better way to attack the alien ps invaders than to have giant sea serpent fish combat them! garra_rufa I did this in Cancun Mexico too. It was expensive and weird. Imagine having a bunch of little bites come at you from different directions. The experience was definitely memorable but it did more harm than good to my ps spots. The skin underneath bled and caused the fish to go into a frenzy for more. Hungry little monsters! In fact, to this day you can still see the scars from their tiny little bites. Here is the shin now where the ps spot was. Kinda hard to tell from my camera phone, (I’ll try to add a better one later) but you can see the little dots? Those are from them! 20161007_001046 That ps spot lasted for a good ten years before it finally disappeared. It took a long hard battle, but the aliens were pushed out of this area on my body! How did I do it? It wasn’t the sea monsters that did it, but I did something extreme!

After returning from the ordeal of the sea serpents, I decided to take a step further in my life and eliminate more food. Now this one wasn’t easy at first, nothing is in life, but I did it! I stopped eating bread! I said no more donuts, bagels, bread (though I still eat bread a little on that in a moment), cakes (again I still do) and other things that contain YEAST! AHH Yeast! You bastard! Yeast was one of the culprits! When I stopped eating yeast that spot on my shin disappeared completely without any drugs! It went away! Along with other spots including on my forehead. I took it a step further though, before giving up yeast I did something extreme. I did a cleanse that consisted of 5-6 apples a day and a cup of lemon juice. It was terrible and it made me feel icky, but I did it for 3 days. At the end of the 3rd day I  did a colonic cleanse. What’s that? It’s basically a fancy smancy way of saying someone sticks a tube up your butt and sucks out all the shit (literally).  Colonic Therapy

Now I don’t recommend doing this all the time because it does feel uncomfortable if you’re not using to jamming tubes up your butt. Maybe you are I dunno what you’re into, but for ps reasons this is pretty extreme. Afterwards though, wow did my skin clear up! I went from 40% to 10%! It also meant I lost weight! I went from 170lbs to 135 (which I weigh now). It also meant I gave up certain foods too! So the list before consisted of pizza and alcohol right? Well add the following:

  1. Pizza
  2. Alcohol
  3. Dairy
  4. Yeast
  5. Wheat
  6. Processed foods
  7. Nightshades
  8. Red meat (minus lamb, which I eventually gave up)
  9. Poultry (as of this 2016)
  10. Gluten
  11. Processed Sugar
  12. MSG and Yeasty ingredients like yeast extract
  13. Anything that has masked ingredients like “Natural Flavors
  14. Artificial Flavors including those weird foods that contain the colors with numbers.
  15. Eggs
  16. Soda and Coffee
  17. Store purchased soups

At the time that I did this it was 2011, so at that time I did still consume lamb and poultry. I gave those up as of 2016 because I noticed my ps was still there and wondered what would happen if I gave those up too. (It cleared up even more including my chest!)

I will do another post about what I do eat, in fact going forward after I finish telling you the backstory, I will post recipes and other things. I’ll even put restaurants up that I been too (not just in Chicago but all over the world!)

If you do decide to do this food thing let me tell you something with a serious tone. Nothing is easy in life unless you want it to be. It’s easier to say this is difficult or this is hard rather than this is easy. No one wants to give up their favorite foods, in fact I sometimes think this is why people resort to the drugs. But ask yourself this. Do you want to really inject yourself or be on steroids for the rest of your life? You are giving yourself the strong risk of cancer and most of those drugs do make you poop a ton. Is it really worth it? I am sure your ps is your body telling you something too! Sure those drugs hide it, but why not figure out why it’s happening and maybe you could find a safer way of hiding it! Stress does play a role too, but food is something we’re exposed to more right? This is just food for thought and in no way am I telling you what to do. My point here is to give you more things to think about and wonder. Life is a curiosity so why not be curious? Unless you tried this and know for sure then by all means keep doing it. Just remember, regardless of what you have done or are doing, life is what you make of it.


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