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recipe_issue_mainSo in the last post I talked about what I avoid and don’t eat. So what is it that I do eat? As mentioned I stated that I do eat bread and cake. How is this possible if I don’t eat yeast or wheat? Simple! I eat bread that is yeast and potato starch free! This bread is the only kind that I have found that my body can tolerate. It can be found in any grocery store and online too, though it’s cheaper at stores. It keeps for a long time and it takes a bit in getting used to. It’s not for everyone, but it’s the best for the given situation. For me, it’s either this or eating “regular” bread and having itchy skin again. I always tell myself do I want to eat delicious or look it? Though this bread is delicious too since I’ve grown accustomed to the it. Plus I look at the foods that cause my ps aliens to come back and I say to myself do I really want that? Why not just eat this, it’s really good anyway! It’s healthy too!

As for cakes, I use namaste brand including for brownies and other things. Though there are other methods in making brownies and other mixes that I use. I could get into breaded fish sticks too, but I don’t want to bombard you! Let’s do it by small steps okay? I have been doing this for over five years now so I can definitely give you a ton of info and resources. I haven’t even gotten into how I got rid of the ps yet! We also still have to talk about shampoos and soaps too.

Okay okay back to the main topic, food! So yeah that’s what I use for bread. Also you can totally use the Namaste brand for making pizza. This is a little tricky since the dough can be tough to work with. It takes practice to make it the way you like your pizza. Oh yeah the sauce! Well you can make your own tomato free sauce or use something else like a homemade pesto. I use nomato sauce  which is super expensive! So I buy it in bulk and keep it for a few months. It’s good for up to six months. There are some great recipes online too such as this one and this. I use brown rice pasta, quinoa noodles and Asian noodles for the pasta. Who knew you had such unlimited options! If you do want to pursue this eating lifestyle you totally can! Plus it is pretty awesome! This cheese is what I use too but there are other brands such as Daiya though some of their stuff has potato starch in it so be mindful of that!

Besides this, I also eat fish (pescatarian) minus anything farm fresh and tilapia. As for veggies and fruits I love all kinds minus the nightshades. The foods that really help keep the alien ps invaders at bay are Garlic, Kale, Coconut Oil, lots of salads (use balsamic vinegar or a combo of oil, vinegar, lemon, italian seasoning and salt/pepper), and this stuff helps too!

Almond and Coconut milk are good too.

Next post I will talk more about food. I love food!


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