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My father who passed away eight years ago taught me two things that I will always follow. The first is to never take crap from anyone and the second is to never give up. Having ps has tested those two things and it has also taught me something. After changing my eating lifestyle and following that long list of foods that I don’t eat, I still have the ps. It wasn’t stress either, the way I combat stress is pretty simple, I don’t let things get to me. Which relates back to the things my father taught me. I don’t take crap from anyone including those who give me stress. If I get stressed out over something at work, I just say meh it’s work and it’ll always be here, I am not going to let it haunt me like a ghost. If the stress is from financial reasons then I say meh, I will just save money and not buy things I don’t need. Growing up I forced myself to learn patience. It’s something not easy to learn and really follow, or is it? If your phone gets a nasty scratch or a crack, do you replace it right away? Can you see the text on the screen still? Can you live with the ugly screen until you really are financially stable to purchase the phone? As long as it works you could probably go without it, though personal preference would matter here. My point is, having ps has taught me patience and it has forced me to be patient. If I get stressed out over something and am impatient, then my ps will flare up.

Some people tend to say ps flares up once a month, but does it really? I noticed my ps flared up whenever I was stressed, it was after realizing being stressed out does more harm than good is when I noticed my flare ups subsided. There are other ways to combat stress such as meditation, hypno-therapists and even just learning how to breathe. Take a deep breathe, walk away from the situation and come back to it later. While you are away from whatever is stressing you out, ask yourself why is this stressing me out in the first place? Remember we’re here temporarily and the universe is vast, I highly doubt whatever is stressing you out is worth taking to the grave. Plus what would an alien say to you if they saw you stressed over your reason. Would they laugh?

After learning how to combat stress check to see if your ps calms too. You may be surprised by the results. If you do feel you have to stress out over whatever it is that’s bothering you, then there are ways to release it. Try exercising (it’s also good for your ps), take a martial art/self defense class, play a sport, read a book, take in a comedy show, listen to music, write, paint (even if you can’t do those two things who cares try it anyway and just call it art. If people call this art  I am sure you could do something just as…interesting), there are many things you could do. The goal is to find an escape from the stress and to better your life at the same time! The best part about being you is the fact that you know yourself. You know yourself better than anyone ever will. You know your limits and you know your fears. Stress is also part of that fear too, so why not fight it? Don’t take crap from anyone or anything including stress! Screw that thing! You are better than that stress monster! Plus you could always talk to someone about your stress to help you feel better. Have no one to talk to? Send me a message I’ll listen! The point is, you have options in life, use them.


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