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The beginning of this year I still have 5% ps on me. I wanted to get it down to less than that. My scalp was the main thing. The haircuts were not a big deal since the person who cuts my hair knows that when I get it cut sometimes my scalp will flake like dandruff (though it’s not). She has been cutting my hair since 2009. Before her, it was my dad who used to cut it. But it wasn’t just the haircuts, it was the hats. Living in a cold climate in the winter means my scalp will shed all over my hair, especially if I sweat. I did some research and there was one last drug I wanted to try.

This one is called Otzela, which costs 23k! My insurance took care of it all luckily but was it worth it? No it wasn’t. The thing about this drug is that it messes with your immunity cells by slowing them down. I thought maybe this could teach my cells to “learn” to slow down. The side effects made the results not worth it. The first thing I noticed as far as results were concerned was the fact that I flared up! After that the last two areas of my body, my scalp and nails cleared up!

The side effects though, it made this not worth it. I started to poop a ton. I mean, I was up to six to eight times a day! The record is ten! Can you imagine trying to go out on a date with a girl or hang out with friends only to have to poop ten times during that time?! It wasn’t a fun experience. The other side effect was the anger. I felt sad and angry at times and even contemplated suicide. I told my doctor about this experience and she wanted to prescribe me another drug for the pooping, she thought maybe it was IBS. This is when I started to realize I was more of a customer than a patient. Why would I want another drug to combat a side effect of the reason why I am experiencing it in the first place? That’s like borrowing money from Paul to pay Peter.  Okay not exactly like that, but you get my point! After being on it for four months I couldn’t do it anymore. I stopped and I said no more drugs and no more dermatologists.

The only thing I used after that was my Daavlin wand and the Dovonex.


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