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I am noticing a common trend in this world, especially in America. Many people say a phrase pretty often here:mad-sorry

“I am sorry” is an interesting phrase. It is supposed to be spoken when someone does something to someone else that is either offensive, accidental or hurtful. However, as of late I have been hearing it and even been told this in the strangest and unlikeliest situations. One day I was walking to an elevator control panel and a person happened to be standing in the way, I looked at them and said, “Excuse me,” but instead of the person saying nothing and just moving out of the way, they apologized to me. Now I wasn’t offended or hurt by them standing in the way. Instead of apologizing they could have either stood in another spot or given me another response such as pardon me or excuse me.

Apologizing especially over minute situations such as the one I painted above does cause psychological effects on us too. Many people who say it in a habitual manner are actually causing themselves to appear meek and even weak. It also gives an impression that they have a low self-esteem. Plus why should you feel responsible for something that really isn’t your fault? Someone who is standing in front of an elevator control panel didn’t do it on purpose right? They stood there because they were thinking about getting to the office or about their day. Because you are in the way of someone else unintentionally, why are you at fault? It’s not like it was done on purpose.

To me apologizing should only be done if someone actually does something on purpose to cause pain or offense. Plus apologizing shows that, that person is more agreeable than honest. People should always be honest not only with themselves, but with others too. So next time you feel inclined to apologize, think about it before you say it. Do you really need to say it? Are you really at fault for something?


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