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Two years ago I went to this whale museum in Reykjavik and it was a really awesome experience. It made me realize how small we are compared to whales. Sure they say humans are at the top of the food chain, but at the top or not, we’re still pretty small. Plus whales are pretty freaking cute, especially with that smile they carry!


The thing about whales is they are related to us since we’re both mammals. Plus we both know happiness, I mean just look at this guy: b55fda24f2d9435a5c924f57472bd54e He looks pretty happy right? Why would a human want to take that happiness away? I never understood why humans kill other animals for reasons other than food. Killing an animal for money is a really stupid concept. Money is a piece of paper that really has no value. Killing a whale for scientific reasons is an extremely stupid reason. To begin with, there are many other saner methods to study an animal. From observation to collecting stool samples (for DNA), these methods are not only saner, but it also means humans are respecting the life of the whale. Animals and humans need to coexist in this world. As it is most of the animals in this world are on the endangered list for extinction. Isn’t that a crazy thought?! In 30 years humans will not know what an elephant is! I will talk about this in another post, but for now let’s focus on whales.

It would be sad if all the whales went into extinction. Whales are very smart animals. They communicate through sonar, which is amazing since this is something almost extraterrestrial like.  I talked about hiring a whale for a job in a previous post seven years ago. Hiring a whale such as an Orca for a job at Sea World really never made sense since the Orca is only paid in food. Do you really think the Orca is that incapable of acquiring its own food that they need to be employed? It’s almost as bad as the circus!

The reason I am talking about this is because I read a story recently about a Japanese ship that was caught with a dead Minke whale. They used the excuse that they killed it for scientific purposes and reasons, but that really makes no sense. Why would you want to kill a defenseless animal, who was going about their own business living their life by being a whale. It’s such a senseless act of pointless aggression towards something so amazing and awesome.

Our role as humans should be to protect beautiful creatures such as whales instead of killing them for “scientific” reasons. If an animal is in danger of becoming extinct we definitely, as a human species, should not even consider killing it for food let alone for other reasons.

Something needs to be done to prevent such actions from occurring or else there will be no more smiling whales left. smiling-whale


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