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So the other day I was going to work and there was this guy around my age (mid 20s) who had his pants on just like everyone else. In fact I bet he puts his pants on like everyone else, one leg at a time. But this guy wanted to be different, he wore his pants below his butt. In fact they were so low, not only could he probably not run very fast, but his butt was showing. I didn’t need to see this at 830 am on a Monday, nor wanted to see this.

And this leads to me my next issue. Guys who wear their pants/jeans too low. I mean it’s one thing to try to look cool, but how does wearing your pants below your )( make you look cool? In my perspective it makes you look like a total idiot. 1. You can’t run very fast if your jeans are almost down your legs. 2. You are going to feel a draft and if you fart it’s going to be more powerful. This could be a good thing if you want to not attract people. 3. Are chicks going to want to talk to some guy with his pants halfway down his ass? They might think he is some tard who can’t put clothes on properly.

Come on guys, think about this next time you want to look “cool” and “awesome” no one wants to see your ass.